Recently, sports pharmacology has become so popular that it allows strong men to achieve their desired goals in a certain sport in a short time. Testosterone Cypionate Farmakom will be an excellent option for enhancing sports performance. A very effective steroid has a long-lasting effect, which is noticed by experienced bodybuilders.

Characteristics of the tool: before and after

Strong men try to buy testosterone cypionate, who know the effects of anabolic steroids firsthand. The drug has a positive effect on the body. Among the most important manifestations we can distinguish:

  • Rapid replacement of muscle proteins;
  • A pronounced set of muscles;
  • Increased power indicators;
  • Perfect muscle pumping;
  • Increased erection;
  • Normalization of appetite;
  • Elimination of painful sensations in the joints and spine;
  • Increase the nitrogen background;
  • Improvement of phosphorus metabolism.

A 4-8 week course of drugs provides the opportunity to immediately get a high-quality result, so it is chosen by most professionals in the pre-competitive stage. The price of the steroid is justified by its high efficiency. The action of the cypionate ester lasts about 16 days, which guarantees a stable improvement of the condition.

Testosterone Cypionate - before and after

Mechanism of action

Cypionate should already be purchased because it is considered the most complex ester of the sex hormone, which is often used in strength sports. Unlike its primary counterparts, cypionate does not have a well-defined half-life. Therefore, few bodybuilders acquire such a clear adaptation to the cyclical use of the drug.

After injection of the agent, the concentration limit of the active substance is displayed already after 48 hours. At this level, it delays its performance for 4 to 8 days. Cypionate works stably, in the same way that it is excreted evenly after use. The main task of any strongman who has chosen this drug for himself is to definitively calculate the interval between injections, based on the feelings and personal characteristics of the athlete’s body. If injections are given too actively, strong aromatization will occur. If the pause is too long, the crossfitter will fall into a hormonal hole and have a significant drop in previous results. Buying Testosterone Cypionate is important for those who know how to use the substance correctly according to their needs.

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Nuances of using testosterone cypionate

Experts recommend taking the drug no more than once a week. This approach to using steroids will allow you to consistently maintain a uniform hormonal background and get the most out of your course. On average, a single dose should not exceed 0.2-1 grams. If your course lasts about two months, then you can not be afraid of unpleasant moments.

Athletes also note the high performance of this steroid in the combined courses. Also, you can combine Testosterone Cypionate with any steroid, it all depends on the goals and financial capabilities of the bodybuilder.

Features of using Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is primarily intended for the male population. It is necessary for an athlete to gain muscle mass and improve their skills. Above all, it helps to improve physical fitness.

For the female half of the sports community, the drug is not recommended due to the side effects. You can undergo virilization:

  1. the voice is rough;
  2. Hair appears on the body.

Testosterone Cypionate needs to be taken continuously to get the desired effect. It usually lasts 8 weeks. Steroids should be dosed between 250 and 500 mg per week. The dose of the drug can be increased slightly, but this depends on the health of the athlete.

Apply the remedy once or twice a week. More frequent injections are not necessary as the effects of the testosterone ester last for about 16 days.

Experts do not recommend the use of Cypionate, athletes should not do it separately. The result will be more noticeable if other steroids are used in addition to the above remedy. The combination of AAS depends on the goal, but above all on the condition and experience of the athlete.

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For example, you can combine Testosterone Cypionate with Methandienone. Together they give a good result for increasing muscle mass and increasing the strength of the athlete. Testosterone requires 250-500 mg for a week and 30-59 ml of methane every day. If you plan to take Proviron or its analogue, take 25-50 mg per day. But tamoxifen requires 30 mg per day.

Some athletes use a different set, they combine Testosterone Cypionate with Boldenone. Testosterone is taken in normal doses for seven days and a supplement of 400-600 mg for the same period.

Testosterone Cypionate - before and after

Pharmacological action of testosterone cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is a specific ester of the male sex hormone. The half-life of the active substance is 15-16 days, half-life is 6-8 days. Preparations are made in the form of an oil-based solution. Due to the fact that this form can retain fluids in the body, testosterone cypionate is often used in conjunction with other anabolic steroids.

Testosterone cypionate acts in the athlete’s body in the same way as a naturally produced male sex hormone, that is, it affects the athlete’s physical and psycho-emotional state. This drug can cause thickening of the voice, increase sexual desire, aggression is possible, but at the same time it causes the growth of muscle tissue. Testosterone acts through certain receptors, due to which muscles retain more nitrogen, which leads to acceleration of protein synthesis, muscle tissue growth and muscle saturation with beneficial microelements.

Testosterone cypionate is used in classes to increase the volume of dry and dense muscle mass and increase strength indicators. Most often this drug is combined with nandrolone. With this combination, an excellent path is formed for a number of muscles, an increase in strength indicators. The cost of Testosterone Cypionate is affordable for all bodybuilders, so more and more athletes decide to buy this particular drug.

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Testosterone cypionate usage scheme

The optimal injection frequency is once every 5-7 days. Depending on the duration of the action of cypionate on the body, it is possible to extend the transition period between injections, but there is a risk of instability in the level of the hormone in the blood. For maximum weight gain, the weekly dose of the active ingredient should not exceed 250-500 mg. Novice weightlifters shouldn’t use the cypionate course alone. Testosterone Cypionate can be bought in Ukraine without much difficulty, however, time limits must be observed to avoid negative symptoms.

Side effects

Before buying cypionate, it is worth knowing the characteristic of the ether – a high level of aromatization. As a result of this phenomenon, the following events can occur:

  • Gynecomastia in men;
  • Increased hair growth;
  • skin fat;
  • Acne;
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Water retention, swelling.

In order to avoid the bad influence of estrogen on the body, anti-estrogenic drugs, such as tamoxime, should be taken from the second week of the course. However, the duration of the course is more than four weeks, gonadotropin is combined from the third week of the cycle in a dose of 500 mg once a week. It is recommended to buy cypionate after evaluating all the pros and cons of the product.