By taking Testosterone Cypionate you can significantly increase your basic physiological parameters, which means you can achieve better results. Participates in shaping the body structure and sexual behavior in men, activates libido and potency, and stimulates spermatogenesis. It reduces the production of luteotropic and follicle-stimulating hormones. The greatest popularity and distribution of Testosterone Cypionate can be found in America.

Testosterone cypionate on the course

Testosterone cypionate has a fairly long-lasting effect, as well as high androgenic and anabolic activity. It’s no secret that the effectiveness of the weight gain course is directly related to the choice of long-acting testosterone ester. The steroid allows the athlete to achieve excellent results even in solo courses.

  • Steroid profile
  • Method of testosterone ester application – injection
  • Duration of air – 15 days
  • The period during which the use of a substance in the body can be detected is 3 months
  • Recommended dose for men: 200 to 1000 mg / week (the most acceptable dose is 200 to 500 mg.)
  • Effective Dosing for Women: Not recommended, strong aromatization can lead to secondary sexual characteristics. If men can get rid of gynecomastia and acne easily, girls will have side effects forever.

Properties of testosterone cypionate

The main feature of this drug is its relatively short half-life. But this difference is very small. In addition, with proper use, this preparation allows the athlete to achieve several times faster results, such as:

  1. Building muscle at an accelerated pace;
  2. increase efficiency rates;
  3. increase endurance and motivation;
  4. improve the performance of joints and connective tissue;
  5. Strengthening the skeletal system.

And these are just some of the most important and significant effects that this steroid will achieve for an athlete. Many athletes experienced in taking this drug note its high effectiveness and minimal likelihood of side effects.

Testosterone cypionate on the course


The ether of male sex hormones helps:

  • increase muscle mass;
  • increase strength indicators;
  • provide an excellent appetite.
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During the course, there is an accumulation of useful trace elements necessary for the synthesis of new muscle fibers. Athletes should take into account that cypionate causes a moderate conversion of testosterone to estrogen, so some of the weight gain is represented by fluid. After the kickback phenomenon there is generally 70 to 75% of the mass obtained previously. To protect the body from spiking estrogen levels, Novaldex or Clomid are usually used to prevent gynecomastia. Antiestrogens are presented in a wide spectrum, which allows you to direct the action of anabolic steroids in the right direction.


To protect the body from negative reactions and improve the results of taking the drug, you should follow the recommendations of your doctor. It is the specialist who can determine the individual dosage taking into account the current condition of the bodybuilder. The average dose that bodybuilders take is 500 mg of the substance per week. For beginners, it’s best to start with half the dose to evaluate the effects and make sure the drug is well tolerated by the body. 500mg per week is enough to maintain high weight gains. Some bodybuilders increase the concentration to 800mg which can lead to distinct negative effects.

The drug is combined with other steroids to enhance the effects. After completing the course, it is recommended that you start taking tamoxifen 10 mg per day, which reduces the effects of estrogen in your body. Tamoxifen must be started from the second week after the Trenbolone abolition. You can also naturally modulate the concentration of female sex hormones with Proviron. For a course of more than 4 weeks, experienced trainers recommend combining the gonadotropin with 500 IU.

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When does testosterone cypionate start working?

The drug takes several hours to produce a certain amount of cypionate in the blood. Doses are usually 250 and 500 mg per week. The minimum amount of active substance should be taken by newcomers to the sport, which will help maintain their own health. The 800 mg dose limit and requires regular monitoring by the attending physician athletes. Larger sizes are generally not necessary, except for professional athletes who do not have enough of these sizes to improve their current body shape. Patterns.

Falcon Pharmaceuticals It is easy to calculate the dosage ratio of testosterone cypionate drug. It contains a convenient concentration of the active substance (200 mg per 1 ml of ampoule), which simplifies the process. A 250 mg dose requires 1.25 mg of medication or, for example, a 500 mg weekly dose of 2.5 mg.

How do I take testosterone cybionate?

Before using the drug, it is important to study the composition thoroughly and use the type of treatment that will give the most accurate result. If the use of the drug is based on the testimony of physicians who are right when introducing the hormone into the human body, the method of its independent use is slightly different.

It is recommended to start with 250 mg, the dose cannot be determined accurately, but in some cases more than 700 mg is used. The course of treatment should not exceed 2-3 months, however, if it is necessary to use the drug for a long time, it is necessary to introduce the hormone gonadotropin in the treatment, which helps to normalize the cellular synthesis. At the same time, the use of testosterone cypionate (Balkan Pharmaceuticals) may be effective (although it can only provide visible results). Choosing a lot of steroids for the course should be approached individually (depending on personal experience, current body shape, general level of training and health status).

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Often, when a drug is used, it is combined with other, equally active substances, steroids and peptide groups to reduce the risk of adverse effects on the body. If we highlight the popular combination courses, these include combinations with methandienone and / or nandrolone decanoate. They are effective mass ligaments that ensure 10 kg of muscle gain in an 8 week cycle, as well as strengthen the athlete’s appetite, strength, endurance and body.

How to inject testosterone cypionate?

It is best to inject into the gluteal muscle. Athletes should not forget the importance of changing the injection site so that pain is not felt. Weekly injections are necessary to ensure that the concentration of the active ingredient is high enough.

You can use testosterone cypionate alone or in combination with other steroids. The combined course of the drug includes the use of cybionate in combination with nandrolone. To prevent the effects of estrogen, it is recommended after taking medications such as tamoxifen, proviron, which is taken throughout, it is desirable. After discontinuation of the drug, testosterone boosters should be taken to accelerate the recovery of the male sex hormone’s own production. Treatment with gonadotropin 500 IU once a week will help you achieve your goal.

Contraindications to the use of testosterone cypionate

It is recommended that you consult your doctor before taking this steroid. He can conduct the necessary studies to help determine the optimal size and duration of administration. Contradictions for admission:

  1. Personal tolerance;
  2. Breast Cancer;
  3. Prostate cancer;
  4. Pregnancy.

The drug should be used with caution by men of respectable age. Consult your doctor if your athlete has flatulence.